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 Johan van Rooyen

A man that was so admired in Cape Town, where I got to know him. He was always so friendly and charming with whoever stood in front of him, he treated everybody the same. I remember sitting in for every performance of The Man of Lamancha, just to hear him sing To dream the impossible dream. A voice that we all remember, consistent, emotional and beautiful, never failed you,always surprised you. 
Johan van Rooyen


 Graham Scott

Very well done, Lamb. Still miss him with love, respect and affection. Graham xxx


 Sue Braatvedt

I am so delighted that this site has been created to honour Larry's awesome career. I sang with him quite a lot in my early years as a young opera singer in South Africa. He was a superb artist, as well as being a really kind and generous person.

 Philip Godowa

Wow what a wonderful and very well deserved tribute to a wonderful human being and a great Artist. It was always a pleasure seeing him socially and working with him. Philip xxx

 Jacky Folley

A wonderful man, a spectacular artist and the best husband in the world.  He is greatly missed.  Thank you Mandy x​

 Simon Lomberg

Lovely, Mandy. I saw your father in many productions (I was in the chorus for the 1979 Tosca) and always marvelled at his artistry, acting and versatility. One thing you haven't mentioned was his occasional foray into oratorio, like the remarkable time the baritone for Elijah chickened out a day before the performance. Your dad was literally hoiked off the beach (in Durban, I think) and flown to Cape Town where he did a magisterial performance of a difficult role on about 12 hours' notice. On top of that, he was one of the nicest and most entertaining people I met in my student years.


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